Sanat Karkat

Sanat Karkat is the founder and CEO of UPROAR, a speaking agency for Muslim women. Sanat holds a Master’s degree in Conflict Resolution and is certified in Fundraising Management. Dedicated to creating a more inclusive environment in event spaces, Sanat continues to promote stronger Muslim women representation.
“I thrive on showcasing girl power at its finest while bringing my fellow sisters along to flex their muscle.”

Sanat Karkat has an undying love for black Arabic coffee. Her refusal to dress up her coffee with cream, milk, or sugar is reflective of her blunt, high energy, and warm presence. She’s the one you want in your corner when you’re building an empire.
She is currently the Northeast Regional Manager for Islamic Relief USA and previously the Regional Events Coordinator. Sanat worked with Sawa organization in Ramallah, Palestine as the Program Development Officer to design programs to aid Palestinians in marginalized communities.

In 2021, after three years, Sanat was elected as the Vice President of Deir Debwan Charity Organization, an American nonprofit that serves to unite Deir Debwan diaspora in service of their village in Palestine. In her first term as the Public Affairs officer, Sanat launched a series of women’s events, the first ever in the organizations 40+ year history.

Sanat is certified in Fundraising Management by the Lily School of Philanthropy. She received her Master’s degree in Conflict Resolution in Divided Societies from King’s College London in the United Kingdom.

Sanat knows what it means to cater to a specific audience. Through her various positions in the Muslim events world, she was able to get a better grasp of the talents within our communities and the lack of opportunities provided to them.

In her role as CEO of UPROAR, she brings with her a plethora of professional connections, event savviness, and a sincere dedication to creating a more inclusive environment in her field. As a true New Yorker, she keeps it real and demands the same from those around her.

Event Management, Fundraising, Public Speaking, Women’s Leadership, Humanitarianism, Entrepreneurship
To be loud in who you are, what you do, and how you do it.
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