Upcoming Events

Time to Reset: Tips on Mindfulness

Sanat chats with Saadia Yunus, who will share her expertise on how to get into the right headspace so you can thrive!

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Past Events

Broke & Burnt Out? Unwind with At-Home Self Care Tips

Sanat chats with esthetician, Amani Adalsha, to talk about quick beauty tips on how to care for your skin after a stressful day.

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Rutgers PCRF Annual Spring Gala

PCRF’s Annual Spring Gala had amazing speakers like Sanat Karkat and Dr. Bautista-Hernandez followed by a traditional dabke performance from AlBaydar Dabke Team.

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MSA of UVA Spring Charity Banquet

University of Virginia's MSA will host their annual Charity Banquet Saturday, April 2nd at Ern Commons where Rowaida Abdelaziz discusses her reporting on immigration.

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Political Praxis: Balancing Courage and Wisdom

Sinthia Shabnam, public speaker, spoken word artist, and avid community member at her local masajid, joins the Young Democrats of Toledo to discuss the power of community organization.

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Misconception of Women’s Roles: Muslim Women Narratives

In collaboration with Wafa House, we are excited for this new workshop where Rowaida Abdelaziz discusses the misconception of women’s roles.

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Muslim Women in the Workforce

An empowering Instagram Livestream that dives into the various issues and challenges Muslim women must learn to navigate in the workforce without compromising their faith.

Q&A to focus on advice for young Muslim women who are entering or about to enter the workforce.

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An Interfaith Conversation on Islamophobia in Professional Settings

Rowaida Abdelaziz joins the Muslim Women’s Professional Network for an interfaith dinner and engaging conversations on experiences of healing and belonging in a post 9/11 world.

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Reimagining Cultural Taboos in Islam

Join Adelphi MSA for a discussion on cultural taboos - intimacy, emotional health, gender relations, work environment, and more!

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Closing The Divide

Hosted by The Muslim Network, join a panel discussion on how to ensure gender inclusion is present in our Muslim communities. Featuring Sanat Karkat, Imam Adeyinka Mendes, and Halimah DeOliveira, we will provide community members and leaders with key takeaways on how to ensure that the "us" in "inclusion" represents ALL of us.

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Diversifying Muslim Spaces

The Adelphi University Muslim Student Association presents Diversifying Muslim Spaces featuring Hoda Katebi and Rowaida Abdelaziz. They discuss the importance of inclusion and diversification in religious spaces.

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